Custom synthesis technology


Evershine offers efficient custom manufacturing service from grams to tons lot at its USFDA inspected multi-purpose facillity.

In R&D centre equipped with glass reactors from 10ml-50L, we perform custom synthesis from grams to kgs lot.

Our multi-purpose plants equipped with glass lined and stainless steel reactors from 50L to 5000L are able to meet your requirement from kgs to tons lot.

To our great joy, Kingnord’s custom manufacturing service has been highly appreciated by the customers worldwide for the high efficiency and wonderful service.


Key Reactions have done most kinds of reactions successfully, including traditional and new-appearing reactions. The following examples are some of which we are quite familiar with or have been done in commercial lot frequently.





Heterocyclics Synthesis


Reduction Reactions



Oxidation Reactions


Suzuki Coupling



Heck-Fujiwara Coupling


Grignard Reactions



Dies-Alder Reactions


Esterification and Ester Change Reaction



Chiral Reactions








1. Debenzylation




2. Heterocyclics Synthesis

2.1. Fischer Indole Synthesis

2.2. Imidazole Synthesis

2.3. Indazole synthesis

2.4. Quinoline synthesis

2.5. Thiazole synthesis

2.6. Oxazole synthesis



3. Reduction Reactions

3.1. Reduction with Lithium Aluminum Hydride

3.2. Reduction with Borohydride

3.2.1 Sodium Borohydride

3.2.2 Zinc Borohydride

3.2.3 Sodium Cyanoborohydride

3.3 Reduction with Diisobutylaluminum Hydride

3.4 Catalytic Hydrogenation

3.5 Reduction with Hydrazine (Wolff-Kishner)


4. Oxidation Reactions

4.1 Oxidation with Chromium (VI)

4.1.1 Collins oxidation

4.1.2 PCC reagent

4.2 Dimethyl Sulfoxide Oxidations

4.2.1 Dimethyl Sulfoxide - Acetic Anhydride reagent

4.2.2 Swern Oxidation

4.3 Oxidation with Manganese Dioxide

4.4 Dess-Martin Periodinane Oxidation

4.5 mCBPA reagent

4.6 Oxidation with Permanganate


5. Suzuki Coupling


6. Heck-Fujiwara Coupling


7. Grignard Reactions


8. Dies-Alder Reactions


9. Esterification and Ester Change Reaction

9.1 Esterification


9.2 Ester Change reaction


10. Chiral Reactions

·         Chiral resolution

·         Chiral synthesis


11. Halogenation

11.1 Chlorination

11.2 Bromination

11.3 Iodination

11.4 Fluorination