Our service

One stop custom synthesis, contract research and chemical sourcing

For years' experience, Evershine Chemical has been firmly established as a leading supplier of innovative, exceptional quality building blocks for chemistry and life science research.

If synthetic information is limited or unavailable, Evershine Chemical will conduct literature research and pertinent synthetic ethods.

In addition to synthesis the majority of our 1000 item catalogue range, Evershine are specialist providers of one-stop custom synthesis,contract research and chemical sourcing services tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Custom Synthesis »
We specialise in the mg to Kg scale synthesis of complex organic building blocks and bio fragments including Pyridine, Pyrimidine, Indole, Benzenes etc building blocks, rare organics and speciality fine chemicals. 
Process research»
The process we develop provides the foundation of the ultimate manufacturing process, and should not need any changes (at a later date), to the synthetic strategy or bond forming steps used to prepare the API.
Literature and consulting »
Evershine help you one stop consulting service with full set literature support of the total synthesis route by our years experience in developing to save your engergy and developing costs.