Typical projects for a custom synthesis are those with a reasonably well defined synthetic route that require quantities in the range of milligrams to kilograms. These projects often support drug discovery or early development efforts.

Besides our research projects of new coming patent-expiry active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs), Evershine chemists are experienced and ready to add quantifiable value to your research program. From amino acids and asymmetric synthesis to nucleosides and heterocycles, using existing methodologies or designing routes to compounds of interest, we have the experienced chemists with the specific skills to assign to your custom chemistry project. You can even choose to have direct communication with the chemist responsible for your project and we will always give you a clear and accurate understanding of how the work is progressing. We have developed many more than 300 building blocks including pyridine, pyrimidine, indole, thaizole and so on hetrocycles and we are keeping developing for you - our valuable clients.

Our team routinely delivers compounds to a stringent set of QC requirements, one of which is >98% purity by HPLC. Even so, Tocris bioactive chemicals typically achieve >99% purity. 
Examples of our chemical synthesis capabilities include:
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's)
  • Amino acids and peptide synthesis
  • Analogues, intermediates and building blocks
  • Stable isotope labelled compounds
  • Natural product extraction
  • Specialised and rare organics
  • Route development (access to Reaxys, STN, Discovery Gate)